Our Ushering department help keep order in the church and makes sure the church is neat and ready to go. This dedicated team led by Sis. Mercedes Concha is a great help in many areas.

Sunday School

At The Crossroads we know the importance of children. Every Sunday our Sunday School department teaches the children at their level about God’s Word. Every Saturday we also have children’s church. Sis. Delia Aguilar heads up this exciting ministry.


At The Crossroads we realize we are part of something greater then our four wall. We are glad to be able to support with finances and prayer churches and ministries in Crete, Sparti, the Netherlands, and Armenia. We are thankful for the able leadership of Sis. Medy Valencia and Bro. James Ndungu.


Bro. James Ndungu is our Men’s ministry director. Throughout the year we have men’s fellowship meetings where our men are encouraged by teaching and fellowship geared towards them.


Sis. Medy Valencia and Bro. James Ndungu oversee this ministry that is a blessing in many ways. We are thankful for all that they do in our dinners, potlucks, and special events.


(Discipleship) We are not just called to make converts but disciples. In order for this to happen we enroll all of our new members in discipleship courses. Sis. Belen Hallasgo is a very capable leader who ensures this happens.


In today’s technologically advanced world it is important to be relevant and stay connected. Bro. Luther Hallasgo oversees this cutting edge ministry ensuring we have our church Facebook page up to date, services live streamed, and our media ready to go for our services.

Youth Department

The Bible says to let no man despise your youth. Sis. Christene Moreno oversees the A.R.M.Y. youth group which stands for Anointed, Reigning, Mighty, Youth. They have exciting youth services, youth camp, youth praise team and other exciting things going on.


We believe the church should always look its very best. A part of this is decorating for special services and events. Bro. Ronnie Mercado does an excellent job in making sure this happens.


We understand that in life sometimes hard times come and sometimes unexpected things happen. We are thankful for Sis. Daniela Karageorgis and Sis. Jenny Vandorou who act as the loving arms of Jesus by heading us this ministry.


Our Evangelism ministry led by Sis. Vergie Carino is dedicated to sharing God’s love with the masses of the Athens metro area.


The Bible says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much. Sis. Deborah Karampasi is a prayer warrior and this ministries director. Please come 30 minutes earlier on Sundays to pray.


In any service music plays a vital role in preparing and creating an atmosphere of faith and worship. Sis. Norma Carreon is our music director and oversees their practices , worship leaders, and singing schedule.


Sis. Medy Valencia and Sis. Christene Moreno lead our Ladies ministries. Every year we have a ladies conference and a special Mother’s Day service. We highly esteem the women of God that are at the Crossroads.

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